Tuesday, 18 November 2014

How to choose a thesis topic?

A thesis is an academic commitment that no student can let off. It requires total dedication, willingness to work and a lot of knowledge. One cannot clear their academic qualifications without clearing their thesis work. It is basically a roundup of all your academic skills that you have gained over a period of the term and your knowledge. This is why it is a lengthy assignment and takes time in planning as well as having a complete understanding of the subject of your thesis or we can also say the field you opt your thesis for. The thesis also defines your resume in terms of lots of different knowledge areas and work you do, you can highlight this as your achievement in profile.

Complications in the thesis can arise from the very beginning, from the moment you choose your topic. Students who struggle to find enough courage to attempt their thesis often go to companies saying- help write my college assignments and get their work done. However, some of them who opt to do their work have to be active from the time they are choosing their topic. This article will provide a complete guidance on how students can choose a topic that not only is easier for them to attempt, but also helps them achieve much more than just their academic work.

 -Identify your strengths: Before deciding to choose a field of the thesis it is essential to identify your strengths, areas where you are most comfortable with, be it business, economics or sociology. Your strengths in particular areas will ease the effort as you already have enough knowledge and comfort level with the subject or field. In order to identify your strengths, go through your academic record and see what courses you have been most comfortable with and scored the highest without putting in much of an effort. Students often mistakenly choose topics that are their weaknesses and then struggle all the time to complete the work. 

-Keep your topic precise and to the point: Choosing something which is vague and is very generic will create problems. Always narrow down your work and make sure your topic is precise.  Topics that are filtered and precise always make it easy for students to do their research and find related work. The thesis is all about narrowing down and exactly identifying a particular research problem that your study will aim to solve or provide answers for. 

-Research on your subject of interest: After you are done with choosing the field you want your thesis on, start researching for similar work and topics. This will help you find inspiration and ideas for your dissertation topic. Research will also help you identify problems and related studies for your subject that could be beneficial within the duration of your work. 

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