Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Learn how to make your way through the freshman year

Student life:
The life of a student is not one of the most favored or highly rated ones in the world right now. It’s a widely recognized fact that because of the current education system, students can be considered the most pitiful creatures on the planet, yet the irony stands that they are saved almost the least. It’s widely considered astute that the more the students get their brains clouded by the tensions of getting their homework done, the more the chances of them succeeding. It’s not the case, though. Once you do somehow get out of school, everybody is up to congratulate you on the big achievement; letting you live in the small bubble of yours and not bursting it by telling you that what lies ahead is an even harder mountain to climb.

College life:
College life is always a phase of life that creates lasting memories in the mind of a person, but at the start of the year you really make memories that you would want to forget real quick. The freshman year does a real tough phase of the college life with so many seniors all want to get a piece of you. You get ragged by the strong ones and teased by the rather attractive ones of the opposite gender. It’s a rather traditional sort of a thing because next year you would be the ones undertaking the duty of creating menace for the newcomers, but it’s always good to be prepared and know how to handle things.

Some tricks:
The best way to do so is to create as many friends as soon as possible. If you are a charismatic person, you’d be lucky because a lot of people would want to befriend you and you’d be good then. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is to keep to yourself for most of the time. You shouldn’t want to do something big and become famous in the opening days of the college because there is always competition and as long as you are the timid freshman you are not going to win any accolades or votes.

Part and parcel of life:

So, in short, it’s all a part and parcel of the game and if one day you take the beating then you know that on another brighter day of your life you’d be the one on top of the weaker man with the help of  a custom essay writing company by your side, even though it’s not highly recommended.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

How to ensure all assignments are done with perfection?

When students step into their universities they often find themselves amidst various strange tasks that seem to, suddenly, demand a lot more of them. This feeling often comes with the need to write several papers in a short span of time. For several of these students who study for a major like English Literature, Philosophy, Cultural Studies or Psychology it is very easy to write lengthy papers. This is because they are trained to do so. However, for some students it is as daunting a task as performing an open heart surgery without a medical degree.

These are all the reasons as a result of which students will often need help with college assignment. And to break it down and make this intimidating task easy, here is what they have to do:

Understand the question
A lot of students get on with writing the answer without actually understanding what the question is demanding of them. As a result of this they get confused midway and lose track. As a more serious result, they panic and are unable to finish the assignment. So before they attempt the question, they should understand the requirement even if it means asking their instructor repeatedly.

Research generously
Researching also helps students give a final shape to their written word. Just like one needs to read bad literature to differentiate it from good literature, students must research thoroughly to know and understand the formal way of writing. This helps them structure their argument and contention in a more proper way.

Read several sample papers
Reading sample papers written by seniors or even instructors can be very helpful for students. When they know and have read what is required of them repeatedly, they internalize the required structure and no longer have to worry about the format; just the content which is also solved with researching.

Write rough drafts
Lastly and most importantly, students must write as many rough drafts as they want until they themselves are pleased with their written words. When they themselves feel content with their content and format, only then will they submit it happily and readily. Writing many drafts also helps them completely omit all grammatical and punctuation mistakes. It also allows them to see for themselves where their argument is lacking and where it needs to be toned down. Eventually the final paper is error free and has no loopholes whatsoever. 

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Common English mistakes found in student papers!

English is a complicated language, more so for students who do not understand the basics. This problem can have dire consequences for such students as they are required to write hundreds of thousands of papers in English in their academic career. Each mistake can cost them their grade.
Here we have pointed some of the common mistakes that the majority of the students commit without realizing that this is a mistake. Read ahead! You might be able to correct some of your mistakes without calling for help- I need writing assistance for my university paper.

1.       Grammar
What all readers, from professors to examiners, find annoying is wrong grammar in the paper. The sure shot way of getting a bad grade will be to leave grammatical mistakes in your paper.
Some of the main grammatical mistakes overlooked by students are: Noun form mistakes, verb form mistakes, wrong pronoun usage and subject predicate agreement. These are some very basic grammar topics and can be dealt with quite easily. Online material like books, exercises and tutorials are available for students who need guidelines regarding this problem.

2.      Colloquialism/ slang/ jargon/ idioms
The side effect of testing and internet in student writing is that they tend to incorporate colloquialisms like gonna, wanna etc. in their papers. This slang language, while widely known by all, is highly inappropriate for formal papers. So if you ever find yourself using such language, kindly correct it immediately.
Many students tend to use idioms in their papers. While the usage of idioms like trying to make both ends meet etc. is acceptable, using idioms like when pigs fly is not appropriate for formal papers. Moreover, the use of jargon is also not appropriate for formal papers.

3.       Haphazard structure
The vital element that ties the whole paper together is the structure of the paper. Many students do not care to formulate a structure and in the end their paper resembles a muddle of jumbled up thoughts.
It is very easy to write a paper with proper structure, all you need to do is start with a clear vision and a draft that will help you to navigate your way while you are writing.

4.       Punctuation

Despite the fact that students do not think much about punctuation mistakes, a simple misplaced comma can change the entire meaning of the sentence. So make sure you revise your paper in the end to eliminate all punctuation errors. 

Thursday, 27 November 2014

How have social media helped the academic industry of today?

The internet and social media are two of the most powerful tools around the world at this present moment. They also subsequently go hand in hand in most of the circumstances. Social media have started to play such a key role in the lives of individuals, organizations, brands, products and educational institutions that it just seems impossible to separate it from the critical elements of everything that goes around. The secret to this rising penetration in social media is the fact that it allows improbable angles of connectivity, from instant audio and video calls, to messages around the world, sharing content and producing your own sharing with millions of people in a matter of seconds that too in large, part of it free of cost. So, for most of us it is like a dream come true, where there are many hazards to social media, its increasing benefits have outclassed those hazards and continue to impress even those who belong to an age of brick and mortar.

Talking about social media in educate best custom essay company to get their difficult essays done, to complete online degrees and what not. Add the power and access of social media to this already modern technology and you will get an immense pool of resources which never seem to end. Social media in education is like a sprinkle on a cake, it adds so much value to the overall technological platform that lies in the modern day education. Through social media students have non-stop connectivity that results in constant help and learning without any location or clock restrictions. So a student can sit at four in the morning and yet find help online from someone who has just got up in another part of the world. This is something that was not possible before the increase and growth of social media.

Besides, no location and clock restriction, various social media tools allow students to not only find help, but in fact become experts at something they know of. They can start using the power of social media and find opportunities with the strengths they have through free marketing that comes with this. Not to forget the last but not the least, social media allows students numerous opportunities to connect with influential leaders around the world and learn from them.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

How to choose a thesis topic?

A thesis is an academic commitment that no student can let off. It requires total dedication, willingness to work and a lot of knowledge. One cannot clear their academic qualifications without clearing their thesis work. It is basically a roundup of all your academic skills that you have gained over a period of the term and your knowledge. This is why it is a lengthy assignment and takes time in planning as well as having a complete understanding of the subject of your thesis or we can also say the field you opt your thesis for. The thesis also defines your resume in terms of lots of different knowledge areas and work you do, you can highlight this as your achievement in profile.

Complications in the thesis can arise from the very beginning, from the moment you choose your topic. Students who struggle to find enough courage to attempt their thesis often go to companies saying- help write my college assignments and get their work done. However, some of them who opt to do their work have to be active from the time they are choosing their topic. This article will provide a complete guidance on how students can choose a topic that not only is easier for them to attempt, but also helps them achieve much more than just their academic work.

 -Identify your strengths: Before deciding to choose a field of the thesis it is essential to identify your strengths, areas where you are most comfortable with, be it business, economics or sociology. Your strengths in particular areas will ease the effort as you already have enough knowledge and comfort level with the subject or field. In order to identify your strengths, go through your academic record and see what courses you have been most comfortable with and scored the highest without putting in much of an effort. Students often mistakenly choose topics that are their weaknesses and then struggle all the time to complete the work. 

-Keep your topic precise and to the point: Choosing something which is vague and is very generic will create problems. Always narrow down your work and make sure your topic is precise.  Topics that are filtered and precise always make it easy for students to do their research and find related work. The thesis is all about narrowing down and exactly identifying a particular research problem that your study will aim to solve or provide answers for. 

-Research on your subject of interest: After you are done with choosing the field you want your thesis on, start researching for similar work and topics. This will help you find inspiration and ideas for your dissertation topic. Research will also help you identify problems and related studies for your subject that could be beneficial within the duration of your work. 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The best kind of help for university assignments!

The student life at university might look as full of joy, but it also has assignments, quizzes, midterm papers, projects, and final papers etc. within a time period of almost 4 to 5 months in each semester. Due to overload of work being assigned, students seek help of others to finish their work on time, and get some extra time to hang out with their friends.

If you are also among those kind of university students and constantly ask: Can I get some help with your university assignments? Assignment writing could be a stressful task, but you should know that life at university is not a play field. First of all, you should be able to do your work yourself. There is no alternative to self belief and will power. There is a famous saying: God helps those who help themselves. As a university student, you should be mature enough to complete your task by yourself. Life is full of surprises and surprises are not always pleasant. Take assignments at university as a preparation for future life. Think about your working career where you will have to manage reports on a daily basis, then who would you call for help?!

Assignments are not as hard as we make them to be. Take out the task assigned and think about it positively. As someone once rightly said- Half the work is done, when a person is ready to start a job. When you plan to do a job, things start to happen for you. If you don`t understand something, you can always make a contact with your instructor and remove confusions. There is no shame in asking: the biggest problem with students is that they do not get rid of uncertainty when they can. Do not leave things to the last minute: start early. Strategize your work by having a specific time frame in mind, and a known outcome. Make a schedule in which you can allot different time frames to different tasks. Try to wrap up things within the assigned time. If not possible, you can always make it flexible enough to give you some extra time for completing the harder task. Take adequate rest in between the completion and the beginning of new tasks to start fresh again. Most importantly, follow the instructions of the course instructor in the assignment. You can always take some help from already published papers to have more understanding about your task.

Taking help from someone or other sources in doing your assignments is not a bad thing, if it is meant for guidance. But getting your whole work done by others is just a waste of the investment you are making in your studies. Always remember that you are the best assistant of yourself because nobody else ever knows your problems more than you.

Monday, 20 October 2014

8 considerations before deciding on any online college

College is a very crucial step in any student’s lifetime. Not only academically, financially and emotionally college takes a lot and it requires complete stability of mind and favoring circumstances in order to make this big decision and opt for a particular college. It is also important to remember college can shape up your career and future as your further studying and professional field depends on the way you graduate.

Students and parents have a lot to think about before they make a final decision. They also have numerous questions in mind in order to filter out all the possibilities and make sure that the decision is perfectly justified. This write-up will list 8 questions to consider before choosing any online college.

-          The total cost of the degree or program: Online education and college fees differ from one institution to another. It is important to have a certain budget set in mind and then find out which colleges offer the best program in the given budget. Starting with the tuition fees and total cost of the program is essential, because until you have something which is affordable you cannot proceed to think further. Financial affordability is the basic criteria so always start with asking about the total cost of the program and break up including tuition fees.

-          Duration of the terms and program: Another important aspect of online college is the duration of the program and terms. The length of the program can affect your future plans so knowing how long the commitment is for is also important.

-          Facilities and Faculty: Two most important F’s in the academic industry are the facilities and faculty. Universities are graded based on good facility and great prolific faculty. A high profile faculty is important for good academic learning.

-          Financial Aid: Often colleges provide different kinds of financial aids along with sponsorships. Allow yourself some time to understand the criteria and see if you can be eligible for a particular grand or aid. Financial grants help students to an unimaginable extent.

-          Eligibility for the course: Understand the criteria and eligibility for the course. If you are switching fields, then find out the complications.

-          Extra Academic support: Find out if there is further academic support available besides the usual classrooms and lectures.

-          Future Prospects: The aim of college study is to improve your future prospects. Finding out what future opportunities that will open up for you after finishing the program is extremely important.

-        Academic opportunities: Besides usual courses, students also need different academic opportunities, like projects to show their talents and work. Knowing about them can make your decision easier.

-       Other considerations: Besides the above questions that cover more or less everything, see if you have considerations based on different individual circumstances. Openly asking questions related to them can help your decision making ability.