Thursday, 18 December 2014

Common English mistakes found in student papers!

English is a complicated language, more so for students who do not understand the basics. This problem can have dire consequences for such students as they are required to write hundreds of thousands of papers in English in their academic career. Each mistake can cost them their grade.
Here we have pointed some of the common mistakes that the majority of the students commit without realizing that this is a mistake. Read ahead! You might be able to correct some of your mistakes without calling for help- I need writing assistance for my university paper.

1.       Grammar
What all readers, from professors to examiners, find annoying is wrong grammar in the paper. The sure shot way of getting a bad grade will be to leave grammatical mistakes in your paper.
Some of the main grammatical mistakes overlooked by students are: Noun form mistakes, verb form mistakes, wrong pronoun usage and subject predicate agreement. These are some very basic grammar topics and can be dealt with quite easily. Online material like books, exercises and tutorials are available for students who need guidelines regarding this problem.

2.      Colloquialism/ slang/ jargon/ idioms
The side effect of testing and internet in student writing is that they tend to incorporate colloquialisms like gonna, wanna etc. in their papers. This slang language, while widely known by all, is highly inappropriate for formal papers. So if you ever find yourself using such language, kindly correct it immediately.
Many students tend to use idioms in their papers. While the usage of idioms like trying to make both ends meet etc. is acceptable, using idioms like when pigs fly is not appropriate for formal papers. Moreover, the use of jargon is also not appropriate for formal papers.

3.       Haphazard structure
The vital element that ties the whole paper together is the structure of the paper. Many students do not care to formulate a structure and in the end their paper resembles a muddle of jumbled up thoughts.
It is very easy to write a paper with proper structure, all you need to do is start with a clear vision and a draft that will help you to navigate your way while you are writing.

4.       Punctuation

Despite the fact that students do not think much about punctuation mistakes, a simple misplaced comma can change the entire meaning of the sentence. So make sure you revise your paper in the end to eliminate all punctuation errors. 

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