Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Learn how to make your way through the freshman year

Student life:
The life of a student is not one of the most favored or highly rated ones in the world right now. It’s a widely recognized fact that because of the current education system, students can be considered the most pitiful creatures on the planet, yet the irony stands that they are saved almost the least. It’s widely considered astute that the more the students get their brains clouded by the tensions of getting their homework done, the more the chances of them succeeding. It’s not the case, though. Once you do somehow get out of school, everybody is up to congratulate you on the big achievement; letting you live in the small bubble of yours and not bursting it by telling you that what lies ahead is an even harder mountain to climb.

College life:
College life is always a phase of life that creates lasting memories in the mind of a person, but at the start of the year you really make memories that you would want to forget real quick. The freshman year does a real tough phase of the college life with so many seniors all want to get a piece of you. You get ragged by the strong ones and teased by the rather attractive ones of the opposite gender. It’s a rather traditional sort of a thing because next year you would be the ones undertaking the duty of creating menace for the newcomers, but it’s always good to be prepared and know how to handle things.

Some tricks:
The best way to do so is to create as many friends as soon as possible. If you are a charismatic person, you’d be lucky because a lot of people would want to befriend you and you’d be good then. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is to keep to yourself for most of the time. You shouldn’t want to do something big and become famous in the opening days of the college because there is always competition and as long as you are the timid freshman you are not going to win any accolades or votes.

Part and parcel of life:

So, in short, it’s all a part and parcel of the game and if one day you take the beating then you know that on another brighter day of your life you’d be the one on top of the weaker man with the help of  a custom essay writing company by your side, even though it’s not highly recommended.

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